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Our ferries will be running as per usual from our base in Dunquin harbour. For any queries please contact us through the details on the left of this page. Thank you for your continued support.

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Sea Life

The Great Blasket Island has the second largest population of grey seals in Ireland with colony numbers in excess of 600. During the breeding season (September-October) pups can be seen on all of the smaller Islands surrounding the main Island and in the secluded coves on the North side of the Great Blasket. The far side of the "Trá Bán" on the main island is also a favoured spot for the grey seals and can often be seen sunning themselves on the beach, particularly after an extended period of bad weather. In the summer months they are ever present amongst the swimmers on the beach.

The seas surrounding the Blasket Islands have well developed reef and marine communities which attract and act as a haven for the larger predators.

Amongst the more regular visitors to the islands are the Bottlenose Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Russo's Dolphin, Minke Whale, Orca (killer Whale), Humpback Whale, Harbour Porpoise and Sun Fish.

On the hottest of days it is not unusual to find a couple of Basking Sharks cruising the shallows of the "Trá Bán". This generally leads to the most predictable of results, people running from the water waving their hands above their heads and acting in an alarmed fashion. Although the Basking Sharks that inhabit the waters around the Blasket Islands can grow to 35 feet, they are plankton eaters and are of no danger to humans whatsoever.


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Sea Life



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